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DropBox GURU

How To Use DropBox & Become A DropBox Guru

Just recently, DropBox sent me an email.  It state “Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru!” and you can read the rest below.  If you don’t know about DropBox, then you need to click around a bit, see some of the links I’ve put in here and start to use it for yourself!  It’s free and trust me, once you understand the concepts, you will not be able to live without it that little symbol of the blue box!

Before you read this blog, you should know, I get paid $0 to write this information.  I am a DropBox Guru (as titled by DropBox directly) and every company that I have consulted for, everyone that I have taken pictures of, and most of my friends, constantly hear me raving about dropbox.  I can’t live without it!  Running 3 companies, with 30 people that work for us, plus sharing with our clients, there is no way we can live without dropbox and all of it’s amazing features!  I write this to FORCE you to take an easier life!  I have not met one person who I showed dropbox to, tell me, “nahh, it’s not for me.”  If you don’t have it yet, or if you do have it and you need help using it, read this and then feel free to reach out to me, I’ll teach you all the tricks and help you set up your account!

First of, here’s the email that dropbox sent me:

Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox – Sign up free!

Now, how do you get this same treatment?!  How do you become a DropBox Guru?  Well, first you have to be really cool and ditch your iPhone…I KNOW, I’ve said it, but yes, get rid of that small little dinky phone, and move into the Samsung Note 2! LOL!  Well, admittedly the Samsung Note 2 is not for everyone, but as a web developer, photographer, graphic designer and marketing professional, I don’t know how I’ve managed on 4″!

Seriously, you need dropbox.

With dropbox, you never have to have a USB drive again, you never have to worry about a computer crashing, you never have to worry about being without your files.  When you work with dropbox, you can load an instance of it on any device you like and for your mobile devices, you can password protect the app.  So for me, I use it on my work computer, my home computer, my laptop, my phone, and my ipad.

The principal is just like any folder system you are already using on your computer, however, the main folder is your dropbox folder, and all subfolders now should go here instead of on your computer.  Once you load a file in your dropbox folder – from any device – you have your file in the cloud, your own personal cloud, and now you can access your files from anywhere.  If you are a business professional, this is huge!  How many times have you left the house without your file?  Have you ever gone to lunch and the boss calls needing a file?  How about at a clients office and you get to talking and you know you have a file back on your computer they could use?  Well, with dropbox, as long as you have a smart phone, ipad/tablet, laptop, or computer at your access – even if it isn’t yours because this is a cloud based program you can access directly from the internet on any computer – you have all your files with you at all times.

What does that mean?  No more worry about losing data, computers crashing, or not having your files!  Did I mention you need dropbox – sign up FREE it’s RAD!

The other amazing thing that Dropbox did, was hook up with services like skitch.  Skitch is a whole new conversation and if you are a mac user and if you don’t have skitch, then you should not be reading this…ok, read it, but go get skitch.  You can use skitch to screen capture and then automatically sync up to your dropbox folder!  This is amazing for a lot of reasons.  If you are creating a presentation, like we do in my other two companies – webSEOsensei and do social right. – for clients to get a feel for what types of marketing campaigns they want or what type of website they want to see us build, we can easily save our work to their folder and retrieve it later after our clipping spree when we make our presentation file.

Now, for all you phonetographers out there you can back up/sync up all your photos to your dropbox folder!  How cool!  How many of you have lost your phone, damaged your phone, or had your phone stollen with all those amazing pics that you forgot to back up!  Not any more.  Just activate the link between your phone and dropbox and all your precious memories are saved for ever.

The other CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT FEATURE that we use dropbox for in my marketing/web development companies is for a little thing we like to use called WordPress to Dropbox.  Yep!  We typically build wordpress sites for a lot of our clients.  While we do love to build custom sites, most of our clients need the ease of wordpress.  And now the hassle of backing up your website is gone!  Just have us install wordpress to dropbox for you, sync up your accounts and you are protected!

Truly we can go on and on, but if you are really interested in how dropbox can help you, reach out to me any time and I can go over our best practices – I can show you how I use it to run 3 companies with over 30 people working for me across them and how we never miss a beat helping our clients because of dropbox – and much more.  Here are all the ways you can reach me and I hope to help you too become a DropBox Guru:

Dean C. Stinson

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