Designs - Stoneleigh Photography

We try to be all inclusive for our clients, whether that is a bride needing to design invitations, a family wanting to put together birthday invitations, or a corporate client looking to create a marketing piece to go along with their photo shoot. We can take our images and generate amazing graphic designs to incase them, to help you in your marketing plans or personal needs. We can also handle all of your printing needs through our affiliate network, no matter the size, from business card up to large banners.

Our graphic design work is typically quoted out at a case by case basis, depending on what the outcome needs to be. We factor in vectorizing, custom creation, photo involvement, HDR processing, hand drawing and more. Please take a look at our starting points for an idea of what your investment will be.

Retouching - Stoneleigh Photography

Stoneleigh Photography can also help you with touch up’s and photo repair. Whether you have the physical image, the negative, or a digital version of the image, Stoneleigh Photography can help you retouch or fix your image.


Email Marketing - Stoneleigh Photography

Stoneleigh Photography in conjunction with WEB SEO SENSEI, can handle all your email marketing needs.  Stoneleigh Photography and our team of designers can handle the design of your email template, the markup in html for your email template, and build an html email for you to send through our service.

The power of reaching your clientele through email marketing is tremendous.  In using an html email, you can bring style, creativity, and functionality to your email, allowing for better retention with your clients.  However, not all mail providers or clients are able to read html emails, so as a back up, Stoneleigh Photography and WEB SEO SENSEI create text versions of your same email that can be delivered in place of the html email.

We would love to work on your campaign!  Please take a look at some of our examples of email templates below.

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